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High-speed punch stamping connector, USB socket, shrapnel

High-speed punch stamping connector, USB socket, shrapnel

Customer Company Name: Dongguan City HAOYU Electronics Co., Ltd.

Buy our equipment type: 30 tons of high-speed punching machine

Buy the number of high-speed punching machine: 5 units

Sold to the region: Shijie Town, Dongguan City

Customer introduction

HAOYU (HONG KONG) CO., LTD is a high quality supplier specializing in the development and production of USB sockets, electronic switches, shrapnel and connectors. There are two factories: Dongguan City HAOYU Electronics Co., Ltd. and Dongguan City HONGHAO Electronics Co., Ltd.
Old customer support

HAOYU ELECTRONICS CO., LTD has been in the Division I to buy high-speed punch, Samhoor high-speed punch is the old customers, but also Samhoor high-speed punch old friends. From the beginning to take a try attitude, to the last multi-speed high-speed punch machine to add, but also the recognition and trust of Samhoor, Samhoor does not bear the expectations of Hao Yu Electronics, in the past few years also help HAOYU Electronics The company to solve a lot of high-speed punch on the maintenance and repair of the problem, so far there have been no mechanical problems, HAOYU electronics company's boss of high-speed punching machine maintenance is also very seriously, and now go to their workshop to see the same new.

Samhoor Company

Samhoor's Chinese transliteration: three advantages,Expressed as: good quality, good price, good service.This is the request of Samhoor High Speed Press,But also the purpose of customer service.

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