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2017-08-07 11:28:23 Mr.Li 28

High-speed punch of Tianjin Samsung electronic use case
Inrecent years, the rapid development of electronic 3C industry, itsdevelopment trend is the use of light alloy materials as a reduction inthe weight of finished products, enhance the value-added products, andtherefore need to be able to deal with such a special curve of metalprocessing needs, as a means to achieve capacity. Samhoor high-speed presses reach 200-1000 times per minute, which isjust right for Tianjin Samsung Electronics large quantities ofelectronic products stamping needs.

TianjinSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (TSEC) is a joint venture invested byTianjin Communications Broadcasting Group and Korea Samsung ElectronicsCo., Ltd.. Itsproducts and business range from a single video recorder production tocover the camera, video surveillance systems, video recorders, DVD andother diversified product design and development, production and sales;years of persistent struggle and exploration, to Tianjin SamsungElectronics brought A remarkable achievement. Companyproducts are mainly exported to the United States, Canada, the EuropeanUnion, Japan, Russia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and othercountries and regions, exports for many years ranked the top 50 exportenterprises in Tianjin forefront.

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