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2017-08-07 14:25:42 Mr.Li 24

High-speed presses make Huawei's production capacity soar

Huawei'sproducts are electronic products, with a lot of metal parts, theseproducts with high-speed punch to produce is very appropriate, not onlythe precision has been resolved, and the improvement of productionefficiency is obvious.
Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd. is a production and sales of communications equipment, privatecommunications technology company, headquartered in China's GuangdongProvince, Longgang District, Shenzhen Bantian Huawei base. Huawei'sproducts mainly involve the switching network, transmission network,wireless and wired fixed access network and data communication networkand wireless terminal products in the communication network. It provideshardware equipment, software, services and services for communicationoperators and professional network owners all over the world. solution. Huawei was formally incorporated in Shenzhen, China in 1987.

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