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I plant is the production of aircraft machinery-based factory. Aerospace instrument is characterized by many varieties, small quantities, stamping parts occupy a large proportion. Due to the high precision of the parts, the material processing performance color is often unable to meet or meet the final requirements of the parts, the formation of many parts in the stamping workshop only the production of rough, most of the process by cutting to complete, not only makes a large number of metal materials For the waste, but also because of the process, long processing time and low efficiency, but also put a lot of process equipment and machine equipment, coupled with the quality of instability, often because of the size of the parts of the ultra-poor, uneven surface, , Crushed and other reasons, resulting in a large number of parts scrapped. From the further improvement of the quality of parts and reduce the cost requirements, the use of high-speed punch manufacturing instrument parts can greatly improve the quality of parts, reduce production time, shorten the production cycle and reduce production costs received better technical and economic benefits. Fine cut parts of the cutting surface of good quality, high dimensional accuracy, low angle, in general, you can no longer carry the car, milling, grinding, drilling, hinge and other chip processing processes and direct assembly of products.

   2010, we in Dongguan Miyoshi precision punch to buy two C-type high-speed punch equipment, has for high-speed punch of the fine red, designed and manufactured two specifications of the fine punch universal mold and a variety of fine blanking mold, and ten A number of fine red parts have been used for production, so that fine blanking process in our factory to be steady development. Over the past few years the production team has proved that fine blanking process in the production play a more and more big role.

  Over the past few years, high-speed press in the production practice of the application, our company's productivity greatly improved, high-speed punching fine process in our Division has been more widely promoted and applied.

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