How to place the high speed punching machine, the floor will not be shaken?

2023-05-05 16:32:28 Mr.Li 43

Joey, how are you? I need your help...  Mr. Oleg, he's letting on last night.

Oh, I was wondering at that time: Is something happening?

It turned out that my customer Oleg in Russia had encountered installation problems.

Since it was already 23:00 in the evening in China when he called me. I had to give Oleg the solution the next day.

high speed preeses inflatable shock pad feet

I took some photos and videos of our punching presses, and told him how shall we install it by ourselves.


To keep the floor from shaking when the high-speed presses is running, we need to add another small device: an air cushion shakeproof foot.

Please put the high speed presses inflatable shock pad feet in the right place, then lift the high speed stamping machine, find the hole in the base of the punch presses, and tighten the high speed power presses and gasket foot with the appropriate screws. 

The air cushion is full of air, and the high velocity ram machine will not vibrate the floor very strongly during operation.

Punch presses air cushion shakeproof foot

After communication, Mr. Oleg already knows how to better place the high speed stamping presses.  

Now, do you know how to place a high speed punching machine without shaking the floor?

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