Safety precautions for high-speed stamping machine production operations

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Safety precautions for high-speed stamping machine production operations

Safety precautions for high-speed stamping machine production operations

The root cause of the high-speed stamping machine injury accident is the lack of necessary protective devices and facilities, and the lack of effective labor protection for the dangerous process of operation. The technical cause of the high-speed press injury accident is the imbalance between the operator's action and the operation of the machine tool.


A punch accident often occurs in the following situations:

     (1) The operator feeds the material by hand, which consumes a lot of physical strength and will be tired after a long time.

     (2) The operator is mentally fatigued, inattentive, and makes mistakes

     (3) The structure of the mold is unreasonable, the operation is complicated, and the operator's arm stays in the mold area for too long.

     (4) When the operator's arm does not leave the mold area, the slider is activated.

     (5) When the closed punch press is operated by multiple people, the pedal start switch is used to control the stroke along the block, and the coordination of hands and feet is improper.

     (6) When multiple people work on a closed punch press, the guardian controls the stroke of the slider and does not take good care of other operators.

     (7) When adjusting the mold, the motor of the machine tool did not stop, but suddenly started due to other reasons.

     (8) There are mechanical and electrical failures in the punch press, and the movement of the slider is out of control.

  (9 The environment is dark or messy, the site is small or not ventilated and other bad working environment

   The main reason for the management of punch press injury accidents is that the safety system is not perfect, and accidents are prone to occur in the following situations.

   (1) Workers operate on the machine without being trained and qualified.

   (2) Illegal operation.

   (3) The punch itself has no safety device

   (4) The equipment is in disrepair.

   (5) There is a safety device but it is not activated.


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