high speed punch press machine for the production of wall clasps (high-speed stamping of wall clasps)

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high speed punch press machine for the production of wall clasps (high-speed stamping of wall clasps)

high speed punch press machine for the production of wall clasps (high-speed stamping of wall clasps)

At present, the domestic construction industry is developing rapidly, 

and people's requirements for building materials are getting higher and higher. 

As a kind of industrially produced environmentally friendly wall panels, lightweight partition panels have attracted widespread attention. 

It is found that the most essential clips in the installation of lightweight wall panels are extremely inefficient because of their complicated production. 

Therefore, in order to improve efficiency and save manpower, a high-speed punching machine is used to make buckles.


Choose the same size mold according to the required wallboard buckle size and size, 

and use a high-speed punch to bend and cut the raw material to make the raw material into the same shape as the buckle mold. 

Utilizing the characteristics of fast punching by high-speed punching machines, 

buckles are produced one by one. After the buckles of the wall panels are made, 

the high-speed punching machine continues to control the feeder to transfer the raw materials to the mold, 

and this cycle goes on and on, and the buckles spring up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain and are continuously produced. 

In the process of making wall clasps, compared with previous manual work or ordinary punching machines, 

the high-speed punching machine not only reduces the production time, but also improves work efficiency, and can produce more products in the same time.


Such a small matter as the production of buckles can also change with the reduction of time and the increase of efficiency. 

It has to be said that perhaps this is how people often say "start the metal press machine, and you will get ten thousand taels of gold". 

Compared with ordinary punching machines, it increases the income produced in the same time, and also reduces a lot of unnecessary troubles. 

The income also becomes more and more with high-speed punching machines.


Miyoshi, a manufacturer of high-speed punching machines, 

believes that the value of high-speed punching machines is self-evident in production. 

If you want to surpass others in production, you can consider buying a high-speed punching machine to try the effect. 

If you want to surpass others in terms of income, high-speed punch may give you the answer.

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