The relationship between high-speed precision punching machine and lighter metal stamping parts

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The relationship between high-speed precision punching machine and lighter metal stamping parts


Lighters are a common fire-making equipment. With the development of science and technology, the types of lighters are also changing with each passing day. Although the types and appearance of lighters have been changing, the metal stamping parts of lighters have remained the same.


The proportion of lighters used in daily life is very large, almost every household has, or even several. The reason is actually because lighters are cheap, even if they are lost, it is not a pity. Furthermore, the main reason is that smokers account for the majority, making them have to buy lighters. It is these reasons that let the manufacturers see the flame of business. The production of a whole lighter is complicated and time-consuming, so they thought of producing lighter metal stamping parts.


The original intention of the lighter windshield is to prevent the wind so that the unidirectional airflow forms a turbulent flow inside, so it is not easy to be blown out by the wind. But it's not just as simple as windproof, another function is to make the gas in the lighter burn to achieve a spray effect so that it is easier to use the fire.


Because the production of lighter metal stamping parts is too large and small, only as big as a finger, automation equipment was introduced. Among the automation equipment, it is best to use high-speed punching machines for stamping lighter metal stamping parts. The speed of the precision high-speed punching machine can be as high as 1000 strokes per minute, which simply speeds up the production. The high-speed punching machine brings good benefits to production, improves efficiency, and improves product quality - the welding is more precise, the wind resistance is more stable, and even the appearance is smoother than before.


The windshield is an indispensable part of the lighter. In order to better cater to the market, it is even sold abroad. The reason is that foreigners also have the same mentality as us—cheap, and it doesn’t hurt to lose it. This is also the reason why the business will get better and better and bigger.


According to the current development trend, the business of lighter windshields will continue to grow. Because some of today's high-value-added high-end manufacturing industries have been upgraded from traditional industries with high labor-intensity—such as the high-speed punch press industry. Manufacturers of high-speed punching machines should grasp the historic opportunities brought about by the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. High-speed punching machines will take you a big step forward in production.

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