Fin high-speed punching machine (high-speed punching press for air-conditioning fins)

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Fin high-speed punching machine (high-speed punching press for air-conditioning fins)

Fin high-speed punching machine (high-speed punching press for air-conditioning fins)

As a household appliance, air conditioners have been familiarly used by the public, especially in summer, where air conditioners are frequently used. So do you know how the air-conditioning fins used in the heat exchanger fins in the air conditioner are manufactured?


Air-conditioning fins can be produced by high-speed punching machines. High-speed punching machine is a professional automatic production equipment for air-conditioning heat exchanger fins. It is equipped with special molds to punch out air-conditioning fins of different thicknesses. The raw material of air-conditioning fins is aluminum foil coil, which is unfolded on the feeder and sent to the punching machine for punching. Usually, the high-speed punch used for blanking air-conditioning fins uses the slider as the power source to drive the opening and closing of the mold.


The metal press machine company Miyoshi punching machine includes the fuselage, automatic feeding machine, and the hardware mold is installed in the middle of the punching machine. The stamping component with the slider slides up and down, and the shape of the fin is stamped out through the mold, and then it is made into the air conditioner after subsequent processing. cooling fins.


Miyoshi high-speed press adopts advanced double rocker arm structure, through fast and accurate motion control, high pressure is applied to the workpiece to achieve high energy input. This enables high-speed presses to complete the stamping process more quickly, reducing processing time and improving efficiency.


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